2024 7th International Conference on Advanced Algorithms and Control Engineering (ICAACE 2024)

Call For Papers


The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


Analysis of algorithms

Approximation algorithm 

Computability theory

Evolutionary algorithm 

Genetic algorithm

Numerical analysis

Online algorithm

Quantum algorithm

Randomized algorithm

Sorting algorithm

Algorithmic graph theory and combination

Computational geometry

Computing technology and Application

Control Engineering

Multivariable Control

Nonlinear Control

Robust Control

Adaptive and Optimal Control

Intelligent Control

Electric Automation

Intelligent control and intelligent system

Intelligent management and decision-making

Distributed control system

Fuzzy control and fuzzy system

Drive motor and control technology

On-board system

Power battery management and maintenance technology

Technologies & Application of AI

Basic Theory and Application of Artificial Intelligence 

Knowledge Science and Knowledge Engineering  

Machine Learning and Data Mining    

Machine Perception and Virtual Reality  

Natural Language Processing and Understanding  

Neural Network and Deep Learning

Pattern Recognition Theory and Application

Rough Set and Soft Computing 

Biometric Identification  

Computer Vision and Image Processing  

Evolutionary Calculation 

Information Retrieval and Web Search  

Intelligent Planning and Scheduling

Intelligent Control 

Classification and change detection of remote sensing images or aerial images

Robotics and Automation

Automation, CNC Machines & Robotics

Autonomous Robotic Vehicles

Evolutionary Robotics

Industrial Robotics

Intelligent Control Systems

Legged Locomotion

Microsensors and Actuators

Mobile Robots

Multi-robot Systems

Path Planning

Robot Cognition, Adaptation and Learning

Robotics and Robot Applications

Space Robotics